“Gave Me The Time I Needed To Focus On Getting Better.”

In September of 2011, my son was 9 months old. I got a call from a doctor and found out I had cancer. The first thing I thought of was treatment – how would I get rid of this cancer so I could take care of my son? I changed my diet and underwent surgery, chemo, and radiation treatments. Thank God I did.

We learned about EMS from a family friend who also happens to be an agent. When I started going through chemo and radiation, my agent came to me and told me that they could help me out with accelerated benefits to help pay for my medical bills. The extra money helped with all my medical bills and gave me the time I needed to focus on getting better. My advice is this: You’re never too young to invest in life insurance – it’s not just in case you die, it’s so you can live a life you love.

– Jessica

“Its Heartwarming to Know How We’re Helping Our Policy Holders.”

A 38 year old woman had gone into childbirth, and went into cardiac arrest during labor. She was on the table for over 30 minutes with medical staff trying to revive her. Fortunately they were successful. The family came back to us to let us know just how happy they were to have had a policy with EMS. A portion of the policy was even accelerated to help the family through the tough time while the mother was recuperating. I have a policy with EMS, and while I hope I never have to use it personally, I’m happy it is there should I need it sometime in the future.

– Caroline

“Builds cash values… traditional individual policies don’t.”

As a business owner I have to make many decisions for what is best for my company and for my employees. I have over 150 employees and was offering several different typical insurance policy options such as a cancer policy, a critical illness policy, term life policy and a traditional tax deferred retirement savings plan. This was not working well for us. Too confusing, too many options, too many decisions, too many premiums and billing issues. They were having to pick and choose what they thought they “might need” and “what they could afford” creating a gambling decision. When I compared the Employee Money Solution way verses the old traditional way it was an easy decision to make. The Employee Money Solutions protection plan builds cash value savings whereas the traditional individual policies do not. Giving my employees an option between voluntary benefits that does not build cash values verses, for the same monthly premium, offering them voluntary benefits that does build cash values I knew what my employees would prefer. I highly recommend Employee Money Solutions.

– Wade

“This money [from EMS] was a God send….it’s worth more than I can tell you.”

Sylvia was only 50 years old when she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. With medication, she was able to effectively manage her symptoms for a few years. Then, her disease progressed, first cutting her daily walks with her golden retriever short, then eliminating them altogether and bringing her to a point where she spent her days in her wheelchair. Most days, Sylvia’s daughter Maryann would stop by to check on her and help with the basics like laundry, cleaning, etc. But as time went by, Maryann was spending more and more time with her mom, often arriving right after her job as a teacher at the local high school and not getting home to take care of her own young family until after dinner.

This situation left Sylvia feeling guilty and Maryann frustrated and tired. One day, Sylvia ran into her life insurance agent. It had been a few years since he last saw Sylvia and he suggested they get together to review her coverage. Once that happened, he reminded Sylvia she had a Chronic Accelerated Death Benefit rider on her universal life policy. Sylvia gave this some thought and after speaking with Maryann, she decided to accelerate a portion of her death benefit. This enabled Maryann to cut back on her hours at school and work part-time and allowed Sylvia to make gifts to her daughter to off set her lost wages. It also resulted in Maryann being able to better manage taking care of her mother, her kids, and herself.

Says Sylvia, “This money was a Godsend. I didn’t want Maryann to feel obligated to take care of me, so it helps her still pay her bills. Plus we get to spend time together without guilt and that’s worth more than I can tell you.”

– Valerie Savage

No Market Risk… No Market Loss… No Taxes!

I received my annual statement on my own Flex IUL policy w/ Living Benefits, I earned 12.3% for 2014 and averaging this again in 2015. Now, my gains are locked in! Just like I was told when I signed up It has the upside potential of the S&P with a high cap, and has the downside protection with a zero floor!

Please feel free to share this with your agents and clients! I highly recommend the EMS Lifetime Benefits IUL Policy with Living Benefits.

– Dan

“Using the living benefits within my life insurance policy, I could take the time to focus on my complete recovery.”

Denise was 37 years old in April, 2008. She and her husband Mark recently built their dream home, planning to fill it with children and memories of birthday parties and backyard barbecues. A month before she turned 39, Denise suddenly experienced sharp pain in her chest and down her arm. Mark drove her to the emergency room; within the next week, she had 3 heart attacks despite having no history of heart disease. Denise’s salary was approximately $40,000 a year. Due to the damage done to her heart in such a short amount of time, she was most likely going to be out of work for a long period of time while recovering. As one half of a dual income family, this could have resulted in serious financial hardship for Denise and her husband. Fortunately, she added the Accelerated Benefits Rider to her universal life insurance policy when she purchased it from her agent a few years ago. This enabled her to accelerate enough of her death benefit to receive a lump sum check of $120,000 after her heart attacks. This accelerated death benefit provided her 3 years of income to help her through this difficult time period. “Had I not been able to use the living benefits within my life insurance policy,” said Denise, “Taking the time to focus on my complete recovery might not have been an option. I’m not even sure we would have been able to keep up with our mortgage payments. It was great to have this option available to us. Plus, I still have benefits available in my policy if I need them again in the future or if Mark needs them if something happens to me.”

– Denise


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